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Workshops Overview

workshopsI’ve been teaching practical data presentation and visual communication at tertiary level since 1999, and have developed stand-alone workshops I can deliver on-site.

They’re intended as a crash course in information design for academics and researchers, who often find themselves having to communicate their findings without having had any training in graphics or page layout.

The following workshops have been run in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, including at Duke University, the National Evolutionary Synthesis Centre, and the University of Queensland.

Presenting Data Better • 60 min talk + 30 min hands-on

Ten tips for improving the quality of published graphics. More information.

Wikipedia for Researchers • 60 min + 60 min editing tutorial (optional)

How to assess the reliability of Wikipedia pages, update them, and use them as an institution’s public information outreach. More information.

Making Scientific Posters • 60 min talk OR 180 min hands-on

Why most posters fail, and a new design process modelled on newspaper infographics. This can be a stand-alone presentation or a hands-on, full-morning workshop.

Social Media for Scientists • 60 min plus discussion

Learning to use the Web in a professional context to enhance research, based on the tips in Get Net Savvy.

Beyond Powerpoint • 60 min talk + 30 min hands-on

An improved model for conference talks in particular, moving from bullet-heavy slides to a visual, narrative presentation.

PechaKucha for Academics • 90 min, hands-on

How to give a 06:20 talk in 20 slides, 20 seconds each; a way of speeding up and streamlining the traditional academic conference.

Contact me for more information; I’m happy to customise something to your needs.