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Workflow, Rates, Terms


  • I’m happy to discuss potential projects at no charge.
  • After an initial meeting, I will send a proposal with a quote and an outline of the job.
  • If the client agrees on the concept and quote, I produce an initial design, which will go through one or more rounds of corrections (depending on time available), until we reach a final version.
  • Changes to content made subsequent this final design, or urgency arising from changes in deadline after the job is agreed to, are charged extra at standard rates.
  • Working globally via Skype (adzebill) and email is fine as long as we coordinate time zones; NZ is 16–18 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


I charge NZ$100/h for original art and coding, NZ$75/h for report-writing, meetings, editing, and basic design work. Travel and materials are expensed with the client’s agreement. For all but small jobs and hourly consultancy the fee is 40% up front, 60% invoiced and due on delivery; I’m GST-registered and accept PayPal. I will facilitate website hosting and domain name registration, but clients need to set up their own contract with a hosting service. Workshops start at NZ$350, plus travel expenses and accommodation if applicable.


Work done becomes the client’s property, but I retain the right to use images of it in my portfolio. The client is responsible for ensuring they hold the copyright for artwork and text they supply, and it must be in a usable format; specifically, photos must be of sufficiently-high resolution, not pulled off a web page, and logos must be vector EPS images, not JPEGs. I’ll explain all this if you ask!